Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the competition. If you can't find the answer to your question, please send all questions to openstockholmaward@sqore.com.

What is Open Stockholm Award?

Since 2011, the city has worked to make the data that agencies collect and store electronically accessible to everyone. As part of this initiative, the City of Stockholm organizes the Open Stockholm Award competition to stimulate new ideas and increase access to the city's services through the development of mobile services and applications based on the city's open data. The The aim of the competition is for the winning project to be implemented once the competition is completed. The competition has been held two previous years, 2012 and 2014.

Am I allowed to use other open data than the data provided by the City of Stockholm?

You are allowed to combine open data from other sources with open data from the City of Stockholm, but the City of Stockholm’s open data must be included in one way or another.

What can my innovations be about?

Your innovations can be about anything that relates to the two competition themes:

  • An Economically Sustainable Stockholm & A Climate Smart Stockholm
  • A Cohesive Stockholm & A Democratically Sustainable Stockholm

No solution is too small or too big but it must be connected to the open data provided by the City of Stockholm. Solutions that have a political purpose will be disqualified.

How do I use the open data provided?

You can find more information about the City of Stockholm’s open data here: open.stockholm.se. Or go directly to the data sources here: dataportalen.stockholm.se.

Why did the City of Stockholm open up their data?

Since 2011, the city of Stockholm has made ​​the data available to promote transparency and openness.

Open data is regulated by the PSI Directive and INSPIRE Directive of the EU, which has also been introduced in the Swedish legislation. This means that the public data collected and stored by public authorities in electronic form shall also be made available for reuse by companies and individuals. As a result, citizens have easy access to the open data Stockholm City collects and stores electronically.

Read more at open.stockholm.se.

What do I do if I have technical problems with the website or the data?

If problem occurs when you use the site or if you have questions about open data, please contact our support service: openstockholmaward@sqore.com.

Who is eligible to compete?

The competition is open to everyone who wants to contribute to the development of a smarter Stockholm. You can read more about the rules and conditions for participation here.

Can you compete with a team?

Yes. However, only one person can be the owner of the account you register when you sign up for the competition and only this person can accept the award since there is only one winner-spot for each prize.

How do we compete as a company/organisation?

To compete as a company or organisation you just fill in the company or organisation’s name when you register your account. The rights to the entry as well as the prize in case of a victory will be given to the company/organisation.

When is the competition deadline?

The competitions close August 17, 2016 & November 24, 2016 at 11.59 pm (UT+1). Only submissions received within the competition period will be taken into consideration.

What is the prize?

The winners of the competition will split 100 000 SEK, and receives attention generated in connection to the competition.

The winners of the innovation competition will also receive a diploma signed by the City of Stockholm as well as publicity generated from the high profile prize ceremony.

The competition finalists will be invited to the February 1, 2017 finale event at Stockholm Waterfront Building, where the two winning entries will be announced.