Rules & Eligibility


The competition is open to anyone 18 years or older.

The following are excluded from entering the competition:

  • Employees at the City of Stockholm
  • Employees at organisations that co-sponsor or are partners for the competition
  • Members of the jury, as well as experts and other persons consulted by the jury
  • Partners to members of the jury, or persons with other connections to members of the jury

Copyright and right of use

The competitor owns the intellectual property rights to their solution but approves that the entry is published in the form of a short description on the competition website during the competition period. The winning submission will also be published by the competition organizer on the competition website, at and in other media. The participant owns the rights to any source code of the solution.

By entering this competition you also agree that the City of Stockholm is allowed to present the winning entry in their own channels.


The winners will share a sum of 100 000 SEK.

No alternative prizes will be offered.

If you are selected as a winner and are unable to accept the prize, you cannot transfer the prize or designate someone else as the winner. Should you for any reason be unable to physically attend the prize ceremony, a representative can accept the award on your behalf.

If you are unable or unwilling to claim your prize, we may award it to the runner up. If you accept a prize, you will be responsible for all applicable taxes related to accepting that prize.

Use of information

The City of Stockholm will use any personal information submitted in accordance with the Terms & Conditions.

The City of Stockholm has the right to publish and display entries in any way it deems fit. You warrant that you are legally entitled to grant these rights to us and agree to indemnify us in the event that we suffer any loss as a result of false information provided by the applicant.


By joining the competition, you agree to abide by the Terms & Conditions in relation to your use of the competition website.

The City of Stockholm and competition organizers are not liable for any personal damage, loss or disappointment suffered for taking part or not being able to take part in this competition.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, we may alter, amend or cancel the competition without prior notice.

The City of Stockholm and competition organizers reserve the right to change these terms.

Rules for submissions

The entries must be ideas in the form of an app, web service or product.

To be able to upload your submission you need to create a user account at By creating an account, you give your approval of the rules and conditions set by the competition.

You are not allowed to use the City of Stockholm’s logo without the expressed permission of the City of Stockholm.

The apps, web services or products that are sent in to the City of Stockholm must be linked to at least one of the City of Stockholm's open data sources. Apps and web services must be mobile.

The term “mobile” means applications in the form of app and web services tailored to run on the browsers of mobile and handheld devices.

  • The entries in the competition must include a form that describes how the solution is supposed to work. Only documents in PDF form will be accepted.
  • The functionality of the solution must be clear.
  • How the the open data is used should also be described.
  • The solution should not be a game with entertainment as the single purpose.
  • The solution cannot have a political purpose.
  • There is no limit for how many entries one individual can submit.
  • Participants can compete individually or in teams.
  • Contributions must be in Swedish and/or English.

The competitor owns the intellectual property rights to their solution but approves that, if he/she wins, the entry can be published by the competition organiser on the competition website at and in other media during the competition period. The participant owns the rights to any source code of the solution. Thus, the City of Stockholm cannot claim the solution after the competition ends.

Additional rules

Entries not submitted in accordance with the terms and conditions, or entries that are incomplete or illegible will not be considered in the evaluation. The City of Stockholm reserves the right to disqualify entries that do not follow these terms and conditions or that may be deemed offensive, threatening, insulting, inappropriate, obscene, discriminatory, or in other ways does not comply with the spirit of the contest.

The use of false information is grounds for disqualification. The City of Stockholm is not liable for any damage or loss suffered by the participants during the competition period. Any dispute concerning registration of entries, the person who is registered as the owner of the account will be counted as the contestant.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the City of Stockholm can without reservation or prior notice modify or cancel the competition.

The City of Stockholm is not responsible for any technical errors participants may experience related to uploading the submission.