Fliff Legal States 2024 | Where Is Fliff Sports Betting Legal?

Last updated June 19, 2024

Fliff is a free-to-play, social sportsbook with sweepstakes elements. And it's finally giving those in California, Texas, Georgia, and many other U.S. states where traditional sports betting is not yet available a way to get in on the action and potentially win real cash prizes based on their sports knowledge and prediction skills!

But where exactly is Fliff sports betting legal? Can you use Fliff in any state? Are there any restrictions or limitations you should know before signing up in your home state? These are just a few of the many questions we'll answer today.

This article'll provide an in-depth guide to Fliff Legal States. We'll explain where and how Fliff is legal in the United States and provide all the information you need to start. Now, let's dive right in!

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What States Is Fliff Legal In? Full List for 2024

Fliff is legal and available in 48 of the 50 U.S. states; Idaho and Washington are the only exceptions. 

In addition, it's important to note that players in Hawaii, Nevada, and Tennessee can use the sportsbook to make predictions for fun; however, they will not be eligible to win any real cash prizes through Fliff's promotional sweepstakes contests.

In case you're more of a visual learner (like me), we've provided a full list of Fliff legal states in the table below!

StateFliff Coin Games (i.e., Play for Fun)Fliff Cash Sweepstakes Games (i.e., Play for Cash Prizes)
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
Washington, D.C.
West Virginia

Rules & Regulations for U.S. States

There are also some state-specific rules and regulations that you should be aware of before getting started. These include:

  • Idaho & Washington: As previously mentioned, Fliff Social Sportsbook is completely unavailable to those who reside (or are physically located in) Idaho and Washington.
  • Hawaii, Nevada, and Tennessee: Users in Hawaii, Nevada, and Tennessee are able to use Fliff Social Sportsbook and make predictions for fun in “Standard Play Mode” using Fliff Coins. However, they will NOT be able to participate in the “Promotional Play Mode" and place bets using Fliff Cash for a chance to win real money prizes.
  • Alabama, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, and Ohio: In these states, you will not be able to obtain Fliff Cash (i.e., sweepstakes entries) when purchasing Fliff Coins or by sending a mail-in request to the Fliff Sweepstakes Department in New Hampshire. However, you can still get free Fliff Cash through daily bonuses, no-cost social media giveaways, and other in-game promotions.
  • New York and Florida: The maximum prize redemption amount for a single participant during any “Sweepstakes Period” is $5,000 in Florida and New York. If you request a cash prize redemption over $5,000, the excess winnings will not be paid until the next sweepstakes period.

Minimum Age Requirements

Fliff requires that all users be at least 18 years old (or the age of majority in their jurisdiction, if greater) to sign up, engage in social sports betting activities, and win cash prizes through sweepstakes-style promotions.

Your age and identity must be verified before redeeming prizes on the app.

Is Fliff Only Available in the US?

Nope! Fliff Sportsbook is also available in nearly all of Canada. 12 of the 13 Canadian provinces and territories currently have access to the platform, with Quebec being the only exception.

How Is Fliff Legal? Social Sports Betting Explained

Now that you know where Fliff is legal, your next question may be “How Is Fliff Legal?”. 

For example, if you live in California or Texas, you probably know that all forms of online gambling (sports betting included) are prohibited within state borders. So, how is a sportsbook like Fliff able to operate legally in these states?

Well, the simple answer is this: Fliff is not a gambling platform. The app does not offer real-money wagering on sporting events. Instead, it operates as a social sportsbook with sweepstakes casino elements using a dual-currency system. Here's how it works:

Fliff Coins


Fliff Coins are the app's “play-for-fun” currency. They hold no monetary value, cannot be exchanged for anything of real-world value, and are used primarily for entertainment purposes.

However, Fliff Coins aren't completely useless. They give you a chance to test out new betting strategies, experiment with different types of wagers, and even earn gift cards to all your favorite brands by completing challenges and unlocking experience points (XP).

Fliff Cash


Fliff Cash, on the other hand, represents free promotional entries into the sportsbook's sweepstakes contests. Once you've won a minimum of 50.00 Fliff Cash, you'll be eligible to redeem your winnings for a real cash prize.

1.00 Fliff Cash is redeemable for $1.00 in U.S. currency, and the funds will be delivered directly to your bank account or Skrill wallet after the prize redemption has been approved.

It's also important to note that you cannot buy Fliff Cash directly. However, you'll receive Fliff Cash as an added bonus when purchasing Fliff Coins, and you can also build your bankroll through daily bonuses, social media giveaways, and other special in-game promotions.

Have you ever heard of social casinos like Chumba, LuckyLand Slots, Pulsz, or Stake.us? Fliff works the same way, except with sports betting instead of casino games.

How To Start Betting With Fliff in Your Home State

Steps for Signing Up at Fliff Social Sportsbook

If you live in a legal state and are ready to sign up at Fliff Social Sportsbook, here are the steps you'll need to take:

1 Visit the Website or Download the App

First, click here to visit the Fliff website on your smartphone, tablet, or another device of your choice. Once you reach the site, you can use the links provided to download the Fliff sports betting app for free from the App Store or Google Play Store.

2 Register for an Account

Next, you can go ahead and begin registering for an account. To do this, you'll just need to provide some basic information about yourself. This includes your name, email address, date of birth, a few other things. Also, don't forget to enter our exclusive Fliff promo code SQORENOW to opt into the sportsbook's welcome offer for all new users.

3 Claim Your Sign Up Bonus

After that, it's time to claim your sign-up bonus! You'll be able to get a 100% match of up to 600,000 Fliff Coins on your first purchase and receive as much as $100 in free Fliff Cash as an added bonus. Enjoy!

4 Start Making Picks & Predictions

Now, you're all set! Start making picks and predictions on all your favorite players, teams, and sports for a chance to win real cash prizes. Have fun!

U.S. Map of Fliff Legal States

For your convenience, we've also included a map showing all of the U.S. states where you can legally play Fliff today:


45 of the 50 U.S. states are shown in green, meaning you'll have full access to Fliff Social Sportsbook and can potentially win real cash prizes through the app's promotional sweepstakes contests.

Meanwhile, three of the states (Hawaii, Nevada, and Tennessee) are shown in yellow. Players in these states will be able to use Fliff for fun, but they will NOT be able to wager with “Fliff Cash” for a chance to win real money.

Lastly, two U.S. states (Idaho and Washington) are shown in red. Unfortunately, if you live in either one of these states, Fliff Sportsbook is completely off-limits for the time being. However, if and when this changes, we'll be sure to let you know!

What States Is Fliff Banned In?

Fliff sports betting is currently banned in five U.S. states:

StateIs Fliff Sportsbook Available?Best Alternative
HawaiiNo ❌N/A (No Sports Betting, DFS, or Horse Race Betting)
IdahoNo ❌TwinSpires, FanDuel Racing, & Other Horse Race Betting Sites (No DFS or Sports Betting)
NevadaNo ❌BetMGM, Caesars, & Other Traditional Sports Betting Apps (In-Person Registration Required)
TennesseeNo ❌DraftKings, FanDuel, & Other Traditional Sports Betting Apps
WashingtonNo ❌DraftKings, Caesars, etc. (Must Be Physically Located at a Licensed Tribal Casino)

It's important to note that users in Hawaii, Nevada, and Tennessee are able to play for fun in “Standard Play Mode” using Fliff Coins. However, we went ahead and classified them as “banned” because you cannot play with Fliff Cash for a chance to win real cash prizes through sweepstakes-style promotions.

In the table above, we also provided some alternative options that you may be interested in if you don't happen to live in a state where Fliff is legal and available. For example, sports fans in Tennessee (i.e., a state where online sports betting is already legal) may want to check out our list of the best U.S. sportsbooks that offer real-money wagering. 

Meanwhile, those in Washington can place bets online and in person with DraftKings, Caesars, and other sportsbooks if they visit certain tribal casinos throughout the state.

Fliff Legal States FAQ

Can You Use Fliff in Any State?

Yes. Well…almost every state. Fliff sports betting is available in 48 of 50 U.S. states; Idaho and Washington are the only exceptions. The sweepstakes sportsbook is also legal in Washington, D.C and 12 of the 13 Canadian provinces and territories (all but Quebec).

Is Fliff Legal in Canada?

Yes! You can sign up with Fliff, make predictions on all your favorite sports and leagues, and potentially win real cash prizes in 12 of the 13 Canadian provinces and territories. Quebec is the only exception.

What State Does Fliff Work In?

Fliff Sportsbook works in 48 of the 50 U.S. states (all but Idaho and Washington). However, it's important to note that those who live in (or are physically located in) Hawaii, Nevada, and Tennessee can only play for fun and will not be able enter any promotional sweepstakes contests for a chance to win real money.

Is Fliff Legit?

Yes! Fliff is a legitimate social sportsbook with sweepstakes elements. It operates legally in nearly all U.S. states because it does not offer real-money wagering and, instead, uses a dual currency model with Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash. As a result, Fliff Sportsbook is a safe, legal, and legitimate option for those who live in California, Texas, Georgia, and other U.S. states where traditional sports betting is not yet offered.

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